Sunday, April 27, 2014

Some more CrAzY TOEFL type 1 and 2 speaking topics

If you need some sample questions to work on, please try these.  You will definitely not find these questions on the TOEFL, but these are challenging questions which will make you think and speak quickly. In fact, some of these questions are pretty fun.

To answer these questions, please use this method:

1)  In Mexico City there are yellow cabs and pink cabs. The yellow cabs are for everyone. The pink cabs are just for women and are driven by women. This is to help women feel safe while taking a taxi cab. Is this a good idea or does this discriminate against men? Use reasons and examples to support your answer.

2)  Last year a young Brasilian woman, who claimed to be a virgin, auctioned her virginity in order to raise money for her poor village.  A man 'purchased' her virginity for $700,000.  She gave 90% of this to her village and kept 10%. Some people claimed she was a hero while some people claimed she was a prostitute.  Was she a hero or prostitute?  Use reasons and examples.

3)  Last year a 39 year old woman became pregnant. With one month to go before delivering her baby, her boyfriend left her, she became depressed and she tried to kill herself by taking poison. The poison did not kill her, but it killed her unborn baby. Should this woman be arrested for murder?  Why or why not?

4)  In some Asian countries students go to school and after school programs and are away from home and engaged in 'learning' from about 8am to 8pm. Is this a good system or a bad system? Why? Why not?

5)  Let's say that a known terrorist has been arrested and, by torturing him, you might be able to acquire information that would save the lives of 100 people.  He may or may not have useful information. Should this person be tortured?  Why? Why not?

6)  Some people who value the ownership of guns believe that we should used armed guards to protect our schools.  They say that only a good guy with a gun can protect us from a bad guy with a gun.  Do you agree or disagree?

7)  Last year an Italian man, in NY City, forgot to bring his wallet to a restaurant and the restaurant staff had him arrested by the police because he could not pay his bill.  If you were a restaurant manager and a customer did not have his wallet with him, and nobody could bring his wallet to him from his hotel, what would you do?  Support your answer with reasons and examples.

8)  In some European countries there are 'baby boxes.'  If a woman who has given birth wants to, she can place the baby in the box and hospital staff will take the baby and put it up for adoption.  Some people claim that baby boxes encourage mothers to abandon their babies (so hospitals and adoption agencies can make money) while others say these boxes save the lives of unwanted babies.  Should baby boxes exist?  Why? Why not?

9)  In America when you eat at a restaurant you are expected to leave a tip for the waiter/waitress.  Do you think this is a good system?

10)  In the city of Amsterdam, marijuana is legal and no social problems seem to have arisen because of this situation.  Yet, some people say America is different from Holland and significant social problems might occur if a drug like marijuana were legalized.  Do you think marijuana should be legal in the USA?