Monday, June 20, 2016

10 thoughtful #1 and #2 TOEFL practice speaking questions

Is it better to be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big pond?

Do you think a company should provide free exercise facilities, or is it up to the individual to find his/her own health club?

Should women be allowed to breast feed their babies publicly, or does this cause too much embarrassment to potential observers?

Have smart phones enriched our lives or have cell phones reduced the quality of our lives?

Describe your last frivolous (unnecessary) purchase.

What should a parent do if he/she notices that his/her child seems to be gaining too much weight?

NASA is looking for volunteers to go to Mars and work as farmers. If they wanted you, would you go? (You can take family members with.)

If you spoke English perfectly, which language would you like to learn next?

Describe one negative factor in society that can be attributed to the advertising industry.

Should universities give extra consideration to students who come from poorer backgrounds or should universities just take the best performing students?

Saturday, June 4, 2016

12 More Type 1 and Type 2 Speaking Questions

Describe a hobby that you can make money from?
(for example, coin or stamp collecting)

Would you prefer to use the library or the internet for a research paper?
(I would choose the library since the knowledge gained from books is more reliable than most web sites and, actually, books are often grouped together by topic, so it can be easier to obtain all the books you need at one time.)

What personal trait do you want to be admired for?
(Honesty, being a hard-worker, a problem-solver, being compassionate...)

Would you prefer a multi-choice or essay test?
(Multi-choice requires more memorization while an essay test requires the processing of information. So you are choosing between a tedious but easy process or a more meaningful but more difficult process)

Describe a place which has great meaning for you?
(It could be personal meaning: your grandmother's house - or historical meaning: the tomb of Alexander Hamilton.)

Should you stay at home after college or move immediately?
(Do you value independence or financial security?)

Should the national anthem be played before a baseball game?
(Do you think politics should be removed completely from sports?)

Describe a situation that helped you realize you were stronger than you thought.

Other than passing the TOEFL describe a situation that would make you feel very satisfied.

Are art and music are more important than vocational (job) studies?

If you could only do one thing a day to get exercise, what would you do?

Competition is generally good or bad?

Daniel Gauss