Wednesday, July 20, 2016

6 thoughtful #1 and #2 speaking questions

1. God tells you that you have a choice: you can live life as a homeless beggar or as a wealthy corporate executive whose company will pollute the environment and ruin the lives of its workers. Which life would you choose?

2. Super technologically advanced aliens come to Earth. They need manual laborers on their planet. Even the most brilliant Earthling is not competent to work high level jobs on their planet so you will be stuck at a menial and physical job there, but you will be able to witness a spectacular new world (but not participate in it). Would you stay on Earth or go with the aliens and become a laborer?

3. In an upcoming election both candidates really suck. You can't stand either of them, but you feel you should be a good citizen and vote. How will you decide which person to vote for? Should you not vote at all?

4, You are in a bar and the bar-tender goes into the kitchen. You see a guy walk behind the bar and pour himself a free beer. What will you do? 

5. In a play by Jean Paul Sartre a young man, during World War 2, feels he should fight against the Nazis who have occupied France. Yet, his mother is very ill and needs him to care for her. What should this young man have done - fought or cared for his mother (there was no possibility of hiring someone else to care for the mother)?

6. In the short story Billy Budd, Billy is a young, innocent sailor who accidentally kills a brutal officer who is physically abusing him. You are Captain Vere, captain of the ship. According to naval law, Budd must be executed - there are no exceptions to this: the killing of a first officer requires execution. Yet, most of the crew begs you to show mercy and not execute Budd because he was being abused and the death of the officer was an accident. If you pardon Budd, you may lose your naval career. What will you do?

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