Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How to use "although" in your conclusion...

I recommend that students use the word "although" as the beginning of their conclusion for speaking topics 1 and 2.  However, using 'although' is kind of tricky.

Basically when you use 'although' you want to introduce a counter-argument or arguments and then briefly reiterate the two reasons you previously mentioned.

Remember, the best format for topic 1 and 2 questions involves:

Reason 1
Example 1
Reason 2
Example 2
Conclusion (using 'although')

So lets say the topic is "What is your favorite web site?"

I would pick   This is a very popular American website through which people can buy things, express their opinions and place their own ads.

My intro would be simple:

Craigslist is one of the most popular websites in the USA. People use it for a variety of reasons.  I like it for 2 basic reasons.

Reason 1:  First, I can post tutoring ads on craigslist.

Example 1:  In fact, the tutoring section is free and I have been able to work with some amazing students from over 35 countries, just through my craigslist ads there alone.  I think I have helped a lot of people.

Reason 2:  Secondly, craigslist has almost everything a person might want!

Example 2: For example, you can find a place to live, you can buy a car, you can meet people for dates and there is even a section where you can post your opinion about current events.

OK, now here's where we'll use 'although.'  We want to think of one or two negative things about craigslist.  For example, people have been scammed (cheated) using this site and, unfortunately, a couple people were murdered because they met strangers through this site.  We want to mention those things, but indicate that, overall, the site is still very helpful if a person takes precautions to be safe.

So our conclusion can be:

Although it's true that craigslist has some problems, for instance the site has been used to scam people out of money and some people have been harmed using it, it can still be useful if a person takes the proper precautions.  By placing ads and using the site to find necessary things, it has really made my life easier.