Sunday, August 24, 2014

New 'tricky' element to Speaking Question #5 on the TOEFL

Someone recently told me that when he took his TOEFL recently he noticed something strange about Speaking Question #5.

Instead of the 'friend' offering two pieces of advice, the friend offered one piece of advice and the person with the problem came up with another possible solution.

This should pose no real problem, however.  Instead of saying something like, "...the friend offers two pieces of advice.." you can just say, "...there are two possible solutions offered among these students..." ETS is always throwing these little tricks in. Why?  I don't know either.

So using the format below, after you state the problem in speaking question number 5, you can say, "The friend offers one piece of advice. The friend recommends that...."  Then you can say, "The student, himself, also presents the second piece of advice..."

By the way, please remember to use "recommend" correctly.

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